Our trainee Jodi has recently put into words her thoughts and experiences undertaking a traineeship under LEAD RTO

The quality of the training I have received has been indescribable. I would say it has been individualised and thorough. I have been able to learn in a way that speaks to me personally and builds on my strengths. My trainer has put into practice what they are teaching and demonstrates the power of an individualised approach – they go above and beyond and this has empowered me to do the same for others.

I believe this approach has brought out the best in me and my abilities, and my trainer’s guidance allows me to rise above what is expected of me. They hold me accountable in a way that nurtures my eagerness to help others and to make a difference so that I am constantly growing and striving to do better. The level of care they take in their job in turn empowers me to care on a whole new level. It drives my desire to improve not only my practices but also on my desire to improve the global standard of care and remove barriers/limitation set by society. The importance of working on a human level has been highlighted by this training, and I can see that this applies to everything and everyone.”

Jodie, Current Trainee with LEAD RTO

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