Do you need help building your workforce capacity

Our solutions-based approach can help you build and retain a solid team

With an ever-growing Community Services sector, there has been a lot of discussion around how to build qualified and experience teams and retain staff within organisations. 

Having worked across this sector for decades, LEAD Disability Services established their Registered training organisation in 1998 and have since grown and diversified to address the training needs of both clients and the Disability Services sector as a whole. 

The last years have seen a strong drive to provide solutions-based training to support organisations to build, train and retain the staff they need to effectively support their clients. 

Staff retention is an issue that many of the organisations we work with are facing, so we have engaged with Industry specialists and Disability Services Providers to find solutions to maximise their workforce capability and capacity with experienced and qualified staff. 

We have various options that we can provide, whether you are looking to upskill your current team, or provide them with training to compliment their years of experience. 

Talk to us to learn about the opportunities available to you and your staff. 

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