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The Enrolment Process with LEAD RTO

What course should you undertake?

LEAD RTO offer a large scope of nationally recognised training programs.  Some of our courses are aimed at entry level roles while others will support your career development and skills.

Consider the following and feel free to consult with us about what course is the right one for you:

  • What industries would you like to work in?
  • What are your existing skills and knowledge that you could build on?
  • What kind of delivery will work best for you – online, classroom, on the job or blended?
  • What are the costs of studying?
  • How much time can you dedicate to your study?
  • If a work placement is required, will this be possible with your current work-life?
  • What sort of employment opportunities will be available to you on completion?
  • Will the qualification provide a career pathway into something else you are interest in?

Once you have an understanding of what type of course will suit you and your needs, learn more about the courses we offer.

Our List of Courses we offer.

  • AHC20416- Certificate II in Horticulture
  • BSB20115- Certificate II in Business
  • BSB30115- Certificate III in Business
  • BSB30415- Certificate III in Business Administration
  • BSB40215- Certificate IV in Business
  • BSB40515- Certificate IV in Business Administration
  • BSB42015- Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • BSB51918- Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • CHC22015- Certificate II in Community Services
  • CHC30213- Certificate III in Education Support
  • CHC32015- Certificate III in Community Services
  • CHC33015- Certificate III in Individual Support
  • CHC40213- Certificate IV in Education Support
  • CHC41115- Certificate IV in Employment Services
  • CHC42015- Certificate IV in Community Services
  • CHC43115- Certificate IV in Disability
  • CHC52015- Diploma of Community Services

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer is an assessment process designed to identify and assess the prior knowledge and skills of a student. It includes assessing previous and current education and training, work and life experience and knowledge.

 How to Apply?

When enrolling in a course, students are asked to indicate if they would like to apply for RPL or Credit Transfer on the Application/Enrollment Form. Once a student has completed the enrollment process, they will need to complete the Application for Recognition Form and supply relevant evidence to their Trainer or Assessor.

For more information on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer please refer to our Learner Handbook.

Contact Us to Get Started

Contact LEAD RTO for more information about any of our programs.

We are taking enrolments to commence any time, so you can work online at your own pace.

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