Terms & Conditions

FBLearning is a Registered Training Organisations (RTO) delivering high quality training services to its clients.

Training is delivered to:

  • Meet client needs through best practice and innovative delivery of training service.
  • Providing services that are consistent, of value and quality.
  • Identifying problems and inadequacies of service delivery and to amend these issues quickly.


FBLearning recognises that differences and grievances can arise from time to time. The quick settlement of these matters is in the best interest of all parties concerned and the following steps are implemented to ensure this happens.

You are invited to:

  1. Tell us if you are dissatisfied or have any concerns about our products, services, processes or policies.
  2. Tell us if you think you have been treated unfairly or unjustly.
  3. We will discuss the matter with you and the RTO if necessary and try to resolve the problem.

Literacy and Numeracy

To successfully complete your training a reasonable amount of literacy and numeracy skills may be needed. The RTO can assist you with any LLN issues you may have by referring you to literacy and numeracy training in areas identified as necessary to ensure you meet the standards of your training.


  1. FBLearning Training collects and stores your personal details. During training we record your progress. We use this information to measure your and our performance and also to let you know about our future products and services. Where State or Commonwealth funding supports training, the RTO are obliged to submit your personal and progress details for research, statistical analysis, program evaluation, post completion survey and internal management purposes.
  2. We DO NOT share, rent, or sell personal information you provide to us. The confidentiality of the information we collect from you is protected under the NSW Privacy ACT.


All short courses with a fee less than $350.00 will require full payment on booking or 48 hours prior to the course training day unless otherwise organised with FBLearning. If payment is being made by a business/agency, a Purchase Order will be required signed on behalf of the employee/participant.


  • No refunds will be issued once enrolment is processed unless a course is cancelled or withdrawn in which case a full refund will be given
  • A credit to the value of the enrolled training may be provided for anyone who gives formal written notice within 48 hours prior to commencement of training, where no resources have been provided
  • Refunds may be given for extreme individual circumstances such as illness at the discretion of the director and on the provision that a medical certificate is supplied
  • Non-attendance and no prior notification of absence will result in zero refund and full course enrolment fee will apply
  • FBLearning will not be held responsible for any personal expenses incurred for attending or enrolling in one of their training courses.

Training Program Cancellations

Training Programs with low enrolments may be cancelled at the discretion of FBLearning Training and fees will only be refunded under these circumstances. Participants will be contacted regarding cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the commencement date of the Training Program.


Certificates are provided by the RTO at the completion of a Training Program; however, re-issuing a certificate will incur a cost of $25.00 per certificate.

Application and Selection

  1. You should advise FBLearning of any medical condition or education challenges that may interfere with your training.
  2. You should advise FBLearning immediately of any changes to your personal information.
  3. You should advise FBLearning of any limitations in your literacy or numeracy skills that may affect your training & assessment.

Legislative and Regulatory Requirements

You acknowledge that you must observe FBLearning WH&S policies and all workplace practices as instructed by your trainer including Equal Rights and Equal Opportunity and the Anti-Discrimination Acts.  For more information read our Privacy Policy on our Website.